How It Works

Story Donors is all about people and their need to tell their stories. We’re always looking for people who want to share their story to the world. No matter how young or how old. Everyone has a story. We want to hear it.

So, you’ve been picked to tell your story and we’re coming to your house. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. We show up to your house or wherever we choose to meet with two things in our hands: a portable recorder and a camera.
  2. Telling your story, whether in text or speech, is not always the easiest thing. You expose yourself for all to see and criticize. We feel that to make everything as comfortable as possible, we need to keep the environment simple and relaxed. Think of it as two people sitting on the couch talking over a beer or a cup of coffee. We’ll talk, record, share.
  3. After we get done recording, we will take some photos of you either at your house or somewhere near. These photos will accompany your story on Story Donors. Also, for participating in the Story Donors project, you will receive a few free prints of your picture.

Any more questions? Send us an email.