Story Donor – Jeff

Jeff recorded his story in August of 2013. When you first meet Jeff, the first thing you notice about him is the energy. It’s infectious. If Red Bull ever needed a spokesperson, Jeff would definitely be a prime candidate for the role. Before you listen to Jeff’s story, get to know a few fun facts about the man behind it.

Favorite movie: Star Wars Empire Strikes Back
One thing you can’t live without: My Family
Favorite book: Salem’s Lot
Favorite food: Crabs. (Not the shampoo kind)

Favorite television show: Sons of Anarchy (at the moment)

What are your pet peeves? Stupid people who can’t handle their stuff

If I could bring only three things to a deserted island, they would be: Bible, Knife, Speed boat.

Favorite hobby: Playing Music

Interesting fact about yourself: I’m scared of Thomas The Train

What do you miss most about being a kid? GI Joes

Listen to Chapter 1 of Jeff’s Story

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