Jeff – Chapter 1

The stories from our families are the lessons that tell us who we are and how to live and love.  We are honored that Jeff shared his family stories of dysfunction, forgiveness, and fierce loyalty.

Climb high the treetops, listeners, to escape the confusion. Lean in to Grandma’s voice that Jeff describes as home.  Swing hard and fast the Louisville slugger to defend your childhood.  Jeff’ remembers the brazen characters that fight with frying pans and fists.  Some of us find our mortal enemies at home, but sometimes we find our best friends there, too, the ones who will fight for us when everyone else is a threat.

“She was just love.  You couldn’t walk in her presence and not feel love.”

The painful lessons from our families sink in deep and keep teaching and surprising us for years and years.  What have you learned from the painful pages in your family’s story?


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