Nannette – Chapter 2

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Heroes, husbands, and hard work.  The pivotal moments in our lives, the greatest regrets and achievements, are often hidden in unlikely relationships.  Nannette shares these small moments that shaped who she looked up to, who she loved, and how she lived.  From the moments the loud speaker at the grocery store announced news of Pearl Harbor, a little girl knows fear.  As a teen in fresh rebellion, she could not know the battles that she’d later face or where she’d turn for refuge.

What do Shirley Temple and a family friend have in common?  They brought magic to a young Nannette who loved dolls and tap dancing.  Watch the fairy dust fade with the loss of childhood idols and outgrown dance shoes.  The men she loved and didn’t, the paths she ran down and passed by may seem less enchanted, but the reality of finding happiness wherever it hides is its own kind of magic.

When did you realize that war can happen here at home?  Where have you dug your trenches and earned your medals?  Hearing Nannette’s story, I’m learning that even the grandest victories require sacrifices, losses we may not notice on the ground.

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